The Team

The Bridge Consultancy team offers a wide variety of experienced specialists and generalists who are able to provide a extensive range of flexible and bespoke services.

The Consultancy’s Associates and Consultants are all members of professional bodies and undertake all work subject to their Codes of Ethics and Practice.

The Bridge Consultancy has been recognised for its delivery of Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) services, where all its functions and processes achieved high commendation, from effective leadership, successful partnership working, outstanding client delivery / feedback to its excellent underpinning Quality Assurance and CQI systems.

The team includes:

Mary Barker – Managing Consultant, Project Manager & People Development
Mary has extensive experience in finance, “people & organisational development” and management. She has worked successfully in the Public and Private sectors, pioneering and delivering innovative solutions to organisational, team and individual concerns. The Consultancy uses ethical standards to help in the development of organisations and individuals alike. Clients include Blue Chip Companies, Local and Public Sector Authorities, SMEs and Third Sector organisations.

Mike Edwards – Commercial & Project Manager,
Logistics, Development, Coach & Trainer

Mike works closely with Mary as part of the management team to provide additional management depth and breadth to the organisation; he is bilingual English/French supporting the Anglo-French activities. Mike also helps to undertake organisational and departmental reviews, provides effective coaching and mentoring to Project Managers, Executives and Team Leaders.

He is part of the training & development team and a key link to some of our community work

Peter O’Brien
Pete is a highly experienced and fully trained Psychometrician, supporting Career Transition, Recruitment /Selection & Outplacement and is a Performance Coach and Project Manager. (MITOL, MICG, MHACP, BPS levels A & B. Full range of Psychometric tools used, including online:16PF5, MAPP (Management Personality Profilier) Passat, Quintax, plus significant experience of delivering 360% appraisals in UK & Europe.) The appropriate tools and expertise are used to fit the need!

Michael Stockwell
Michael is an experienced Careers Adviser and Job Coach, with a particular expertise in assisting Clients of all age groups who face additional barriers due to ‘special needs’.His Education background up to Head of Department level and as a Tutor for ‘excluded children’ and those in Local Authority care, brings breadth and depth to our specialist team, delivering services in the Education sector. Michael has additional qualifications and business experience in training design and delivery, sales, publishing and project management in the voluntary sector He is also experienced in the delivery of training and seminars to senior staff and departmental teams in Sales and Publishing, and in the provision of services to corporate and government departments on behalf of a large national charity

John Pearson
John is a key member of the Administrative team, providing both a PA role and important support to the Consultancy team and finance operations.

John took early retirement from Education and from his role as Manager and Practitioner prior to joining the Consultancy 15 years ago.

He has a wide range of interests in the community and sport, both playing and watching.