Counselling focus and arrangements


Distance no object! 

We can work with you face-to-face or by e-mail, telephone, Skype or Vsee.

Counselling is essentially about change ……. sensitively helping a person to change their circumstances or helping them come to terms and deal more effectively with circumstances they cannot change.  This is a professional, therapeutic working alliance, in a safe setting, addressing real issues, however big or small.

Counselling is normally arranged following the initial contact with an initial in-depth assessment session (up to an hour and a half) to identify the main problem or issue and provide an indication of the number and frequency of the sessions.  Where it may be more helpful to you (due to distance and work/home commitments), we are able to provide support via email, telephone, Skype or Vsee.

  • The times and dates are mutually agreed, normally 55 minute sessions
  • Once we have met or the contact made, the initial focus is agreed
  • Support can be face-to-face, by email, telephone, Skype or Vsee according to client situation …….. or preferences

If we feel we are not the most appropriate support for you, we may then suggest other more appropriate agencies to help you.

Confidentiality is upheld and all work undertaken adheres to the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Codes of Ethics & Practice.  However, where there is abuse or criminal activity revealed during the counselling work then such abuse will be reported to the appropriate authorities.   Support may be provided for the Client to proceed appropriately.

Approaches and disciplines: Counselling may be short, brief focused, using a range of approaches (eclectic and integrative), OR long-term, according to your needs or those of  your situation.  If long-term therapy is undertaken, regular reviews are carried out, with the ongoing focus agreed between Client and Counsellor.

(Typical issues addressed can include one or a mix of the following: relationship issues, loss, bereavement, grief, anger management, stress, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, managing change, recurrent breakdown in relationships, family conflict, workplace relationships, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, marriage, parenting, partner issues and more.)

It is our privilege to work with you to ensure your well being! Counselling with The Bridge Consultancy is a safe, albeit sometimes challenging experience, but the holistic approach enables you to move forward successfully.  This may involve addressing past issues, present concerns and future uncertainties – with us working alongside you on that journey.

 We recognise that making that first call or contact and having the first session involves both courage and trust, but that action and commitment can change your life and lighten your load.  We thus look forward to hearing from you!