What’s in it for me?

Feedback regarding advantages gained by using the Bridge includes:  “increased ‘well being’; higher motivation and employee engagement; problems solved; new ideas implemented; sickness reduction;  higher productivity; improved relationships; learning development with impact and relevance; past issues resolved and not robbing ‘the now’;  coping effectively with the stresses of life, whether work or home issues……..” and much, much more!

A flexible menu of services designed to provide you, your staff and your organisation with the support needed for personal, professional and business development.  We can work face-to-face, or, if more helpful or appropriate can provide some of our services using email, Skype, Vsee or telephone or a mix!  Using the Bridge enables you to have access to the “hidden resource”, drawing on a deep well of experience, to ensure that you are focused on the immediate and long term goals in your personal and professional life.  We listen to your goals and desires and work with you, providing a professional mix of both challenge and support to enable you to overcome barriers and move forward successfully.  WE become YOUR bridge to success.

  • Support, advice & information for Induction, Appraisal, Personal & Professional Development
  • Mentoring, Coaching, Career and Life Planning
  • Individual Career Advice, Guidance and Counselling
  • Team Building and Development
  • Workplace Counselling and EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) Retained Services
  • Managing Change
  • Counselling for a wide number of issues (individual, couple or family)
  • Redeployment, Outplacement, Redundancy, Retirement Preparation
  • Portfolio building, information, advice and guidance
  • Personal and Relationship Counselling for a wide range of issuesThe above support is part of an effective personal development and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resource provided for individuals as well as organisations, to provide support to address challenging “life issues”. Services may be self-funded or funded by organisations. Individuals may self-refer or be referred by ‘helping professionals’ eg: GPs, Solicitors, HR, Welfare, Occupational Health Departments or relatives/friends. A full assessment will be undertaken prior to agreeing a level of service and to enable us to decide together whether The Bridge Consultancy is the best organisation to provide the professional support you are seeking .