Professional Career Development & CVs

The Bridge Consultancy provides a complete professional service to support your career progression or development including:  Coaching, Mentoring, Return to Work, Career Change, Redeployment, Pre-Retirement Preparation and Self Employment.


Our experienced team works with individuals or HR Departments to agree the best way forward, (using Psychometric Testing where that may support the process).

The Bridge Consultancy has experience of providing support at all levels and all stages of career development.

The Consultancy can arrange for face-to-face, in-depth discussions to be undertaken which may include Computer Aided Guidance and Psychometric Tests and/or communication by email, on line, by telephone, Skype, Vsee or by post (please see Contact Page).

Part of the support we provide might be the production of a CV ……………………………..

CV – Curriculum Vitae (The Journey of Life! – Career path!)

It is often difficult to produce an effective CV for yourself.  Professional, constructive guidance and support is sometimes essential in order to realistically present yourself in the best light.

Past and Future: (Personal & Professional Development) The production of the CV can be a therapeutic process where you have the chance to undertake an in-depth review, to affirm your past and to indicate aspirations for the future. Your CV is more than just a marketing tool.  The production of an effective CV (sometimes with alternative forms of CV) provides an opportunity for you to review and reflect on your life and career to date and to consider options and choices for the future.


The Bridge Consultancy offers advice and guidance on all levels of CV production:

•  an assessment of skills – the transferable skills – the gaps and options;

•  a review of education and training, career history and the production of a general CV;

•  the updating and sector targeting of an existing CV;

•  the creation of a job-specific and tailored CV;

•  the review of your current CV as a preparation for your workplace appraisal.

Some reasons to have an up-to-date, professional targetted CV:

It is necessary to make a realistic assessment of your abilities, which can then be effectively targeted for your particular need, whilst not overstating your skills, experience and competences.

In today’s insecure employment environment ………………….  With specific and short-term contracts, it is vital to have an up-to-date CV in line with the current accepted format. Your CV should be clear, concise and easy to read.  (The initial ‘sift’ is often undertaken in seconds and you therefore only have only a brief opportunity to catch the interest of the reader!)

Job Search/Career Change ………………….If looking for work or undergoing a career change, it is helpful to include a CV review in discussions with your Careers Consultant or Mentor as a starting point.

Appraisals ……………………….. The production of an effective CV is an essential part of any job search process, but is also useful to take to your workplace Appraisal.  During the Appraisal you will wish to discuss your future aspirations with your Appraiser. You will want to identify any training needs to meet those aspirations and the life objectives you would like to set for both the company’s and your benefit.  You may wish to draw to your Manager’s attention a number of skills and earlier experience that could stand you in a good position for career progression opportunities.  Thus, if updated and properly constructed the CV becomes an excellent and valuable discussion document – affirming for you and demonstrating your potential to your Manager!

NB You can leave irrelevant information out of a CV but do not include information that is not true.  If any deception in a CV is discovered, even if employment has commenced, it may be a cause for instant dismissal!


Distance no object!   UK or World-wide!

We can work with you face-to-face or by e-mail, telephone, Skype or Vsee.