Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling

Coaching & Mentoring

Real time learning with real issues – the Employee Support resource with a difference – tailored for YOUR needs. 

A full range of coaching, mentoring and counselling services is available when people can self-refer to assist their professional development or progress their career, OR for companies and organisations to retain these services for key personnel, to help develop their employee or manager’s potential, or overcome problems.

Frequently, the support required is around “people management”, managing the team, handling conflict or tricky situations, preparing for appraisals or change of career, or the overall improvement of performance. The EXTERNAL, IMPARTIAL support has been found to be invaluable for many of those in key positions, especially those not reaching their potential or those promoted into a managerial position and struggling to perform effectively.

This is particularly an issue for successful “technical” managers who need support in handling “people issues” more successfully.  Return to work, redeployment or career change?   Professional support from the Bridge team is on hand to overcome these challenging times, to help turn the situation from one of an overwhelming challenge to one of choice and control.
Underpinning the coaching and mentoring arrangements, professional workplace counselling is available for employees and their “significant others”.  Sometimes difficulties in the workplace may be rooted in home issues or “post traumatic” events.  Here, our external, impartial support providing short focused therapy can dramatically resolve long term recurring difficulties for all involved.

Professional counselling is available for individuals, couples and families. People often need a little support in their lives to cope more effectively with current circumstances, unexpected incidents or recurrent life problems. Sometimes the support required is ‘brief, solution focussed’ therapy to address the current challenge – on other occasions you may find yourself revisiting similar problems and have just not had the opportunity or the support to get to the root of the issue.

Whatever the need, it is important to be heard, and to be heard in a safe and non-judgemental setting.
People need to be really listened to, and then an appropriate and realistic strategy to be worked-out in order to help them move forward.  It is often beneficial for you to step outside of the family, the circle of friends or workplace in order to gain new insights, perspectives and approaches and to address your problems and needs. It is our privilege to be alongside people who need support at key times in their lives and to “journey with them” to provide support during a period of challenge and change.

Distance no object! 

We can work with you face-to-face or by e-mail, telephone, Skype or Vsee.